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Circular Green

Plant as a Service




Enjoy plants every moment,

we make sure you can.




Matching your and the plants'  preferences



Delivery, place, and taking care



Swapping and revitalise

Plants for a healthy workspace


Plants improve our wellbeing

People feel better in a green workspace, showing in less absenteeism.


Plants improve air quality

Plants absorb CO2, filter toxic agents out of the air and release oxygen.


Plants make us more productive and creative

Workspaces are more attractive with plants, which boosts creativity.


Plants improve the acoustics

Plants absorb sound waves.



Circular Green closes the loop by circulating plants between users and recovery centres. We all put energy, materials and time into growing a healthy plant. We want to maintain this value. Our plants live long, very long. 


We recycle products, aim to use 100% sustainable resources, have no packaging, use electronic transport and have minimal transport for our plant caregivers. 

The plant caregivers have some distance to the labourmarket. By taking care of plants for our cliets, at schools or in recovery centres we want to contribute to a further integrated society.


To share our passion for circularity our products carry information about their lives, we celebrate major anniversaries and track the % of plants maintained, refurbished or recycled.

We believe in a circular system